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August 29, 2017

Compassion Group Network begins roll out of its Advanced Pakistan Education Project

When you look at the statistical information on the academic achievement of students from severely challenged economic backgrounds and especially those who are brought up in minority groups such as Christians, Hindu and others it is clear that due to the expense of education in Pakistan that parents generally find it very difficult or almost impossible to financially assist their children to reach advanced college level or (pre-university) level education.

This proves even more challenging or for some impossible when and if the student gets to university with the added expense of studying for a degree and the rising cost of living that many students have to drop out in hope of finding work to help financially support the family at home.

The government of Pakistan has graciously made provision including professional government placements intending that a quota of persons from minority groups are to fill these positions.  However this is proving difficult because statistically it is clear that those obtaining a degree are not as represented from minority community’s due to financial restraints and increased unemployment in minority groups.

This is also representative when you look at other professions such as lawyers, lecturers, medical doctors, and other class 1 and 2 professions.  If we are to influence society in a positive manner then those from minority groups and the poor generally need to be given the chance to achieve upward mobility and academic education is one way of achieving this in an effective way.

Compassion Group Network also known as Compassion for Pakistan are focused on raising up new university graduates in a long term hope of rising the poor out of poverty and especially those from minority groups who are most at risk and generally don’t complete advanced education.  However the process of selection of deserving students who need financial support for education is not determined by religion or faith group, but on a criteria of selection based on the most deserving due to family circumstances and economic hardship.

Compassion Group Network are pleased to announce that they are now as from last month actively support 2 students starting in Multan Pakistan and as funds become available we look forward to supporting more deserving studetns in advanced academic education while the student is studying to obtain their degree and graduation from university.

Compassion Group Network will publicly advertise in the local press in Multan when more slots are available for sponsorship and support by our small charity and NGO and should anyone wish to support our activities as a donor all names and photos of the students we support can be viewed at our U.K. head office on an appointment basis due to data protection legislative restraints.

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